Kindly Support our effort to acquire a 30 acres of land to be used as recollection centre: this will provide accommodation for men and women who would consecrate their lives to God’s Service as religious monks, nuns and priests, it will have a retreat centre for the general public, it will have a formal and vocational school that promote orthodox faith; teach candidates to be self employed and reliant and build responsible leaders for African nations, it will have a monastery for conservative and it will have a central church building for worship. Agricultural produce would be the source of self sufficiency. Amount Required for this Mega project: 25,000,000 USD.

The needs of the Mission are as follows:

St Ignatius Parish: Urgently needs 25,000 USD to build a church for its members, the church was established in February 2010 and has the number of 40 people by April ending, the number is yet increasing. The current space is getting crowded. We already have a land but need to build the church, the members are peasant farmers in a local village of Ogun State of Nigeria.

St Ignatius Orphanage: Urgently needs 75,000 USD to acquire a permanent site, feed the children and pay their school fees. There are 153 children in this orphanage and we do need help at large to educate them and feed them. These children loss their parents and relatives during the civil war in Liberia. This mission is located in Ghana.

Mount Zion Primary School: Urgently needs 50,000 USD to acquire a permanent site, to build classrooms, to employ qualified teachers and pay salaries. The school is for the under privileged and we have 32 students at the moment in a rented apartment. The parents struggle to survive without a standard lively means of earning wages, they are fishermen and the women weave baskets to feed the family at a once a day meal, unable to provide education for their children. This mission is located at Etigbin Community in Lagos State of Nigeria.